From Porto to the World


The vision of our CTO, Alexandre Viana,

on  Porto’s role in the success of ITSector.

Interview-InvestPorto_Inside-News_1400x700pxPorto is a coastal city in northwest Portugal known for its stately bridges and port wine production. It is the second-largest city in Portugal, with 1.7 million inhabitants and is a definite must-see  in Europe.

Porto, a city that manages to be both conservative and avant-garde, is equally proud of its heritage as it is cosmopolitan. Porto is a home for those looking for a city that feels human, is well resourced, environmentally conscious, and aware of its historical legacy, and offers an international pool of highly skilled and available people.


The importance of the city for ITSector

ITSector has the city of Porto in its DNA. Our headquarters is located in the Invicta city, currently in the new Porto Office Park (POP).

However, we all know that every city is more than its territory, its streets, its avenues and its buildings, and in this case, it is no exception.

In an interview to InvestPorto, our CTO, Alexandre Viana, points out that: "Porto is, first of all, one of the European cities with the highest quality of life, either in terms of gastronomy, climate or safety. We need our employees to be satisfied and, as such, it is important to be in a city with quality and, undoubtedly, the universities in Porto have many talents and our "raw materials" are our employees."


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About InvestPorto

Investment and attracting investment have been one of the pillars for the sustained economic and social development of the city of Porto and the Greater Porto region, since 2015. InvestPorto's mission is to help investors and companies take full advantage of Porto’s thriving business ecosystem and the region’s exceptional talent.

InvestPorto is the structure that, within the City Council for Economy, Tourism and Commerce, aims to create a favorable environment for enhancing the value of Porto’s competitive advantages, promote a business environment based on sustainability and resource enhancement, accompany all companies that find here a harbor to  explore  the world, promote the attraction and retention of talent as well as its requalification and continuous improvement, and certainly promote Porto as an attractive investment destination on a global scale.