Work-Life Balance

2020-03-13 00:00:00
Remote work policies

Inside-News-Work-Life-Balance-1400 × 700pxTeamwork dynamics are constantly shifting due to the development and growth of information and communication technologies. Remote work is no longer just a need but also a reality in several national and international companies. Therefore, ITSector has been establishing Remote Work Policies in all its development centers (Porto, Lisbon, Aveiro, Braga, Bragança and Castelo Branco). 

This measure arises not only from current social concerns but also due to the very present and widely practiced reality in the IT market. With all the current digital technologies and tools available, the workplace choice has no bounds, and many companies can still be competitive and productive.

“We are preparing a model that will gradually allow expanding remote work, as an internal benefit, promoting a greater balance between personal and professional life among our teams,” says Renato Oliveira, Chairman of ITSector.

This measure follows a pilot project implemented with some teams in a rotating remote work system. Given the positive results of this experience, the organization is now moving forward with the extension of the measure to all its employees, therefore reinforcing work-life balance.

Remote work practices have many two-sided advantages between employers and employees, including better quality of life, more work opportunities, cost reduction, greater flexibility and development of learning and organizational skills. The increase in productivity is also a common and conclusive factor in several international studies and to achieve a sustainable reality, it is important to create good habits:

  • Prepare the environment and workspace in advance, with appropriate tools;
  • Outline a work plan, tasks, and deadlines and share them with the team (if applicable);
  • Maintain a healthy work routine with schedules and the necessary balance towards flexibility;
  • Develop self-discipline, avoiding distractions;
  • Be available on the assigned communication channels so that information and results move around smoothly and effectively.

The entire ITSector community is committed to deliver excellent projects to our customers. Routines are changing, but the results will be even more highly achieved.