Well-being in companies


Opinion: "The key to a company's success rests on the well-being of its people"

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The definition of "good working conditions" has changed. While a few years ago, this concept meant fair wages, workplace safety, office perks and reasonable schedules, these factors can now be considered common practice. Alongside financial and professional development, a now broader spectrum, there are also issues related to people's physical, emotional and social well-being, which is the main priority for companies. Businesses gain a competitive advantage and fulfil a moral and humanitarian obligation when they cultivate an atmosphere that promotes employees' well-being, worth, and motivation.

We believe that happier people are more likely to be motivated, which leads to increased productivity and improved job performance. It is, therefore, essential to invest in building positive organisational cultures. Promoting transparent, open and accessible communication is crucial for creating an atmosphere where individuals feel heard and protected.

Similarly, one of the most widely discussed topics today is the importance of mental health. The days of focusing solely on physical health and accepting jobs where one's mental well-being was in doubt are long gone. High workloads, colleagues and managers with whom it is challenging to establish interpersonal connections and trust, and a lack of interest in work and personal life are just some of the reasons that can lead to problems such as stress, anxiety or depression. Counteracting this destructive cycle could reduce absenteeism and increase talent retention in companies.

Due to the paradigm shift we are facing, one of the main demands from employees, in general, is the balance between personal and professional life, with the possibility of combining office and remote work. Small changes allow people to use this time for family or extra-professional activities, such as the possibility of having more flexible working hours and minimising possible commutes. These are issues that have little effect on productivity and end up being highly valued for their substantial impact on managing one’s personal life. 

In order to ensure happy and motivated people, we need to provide them with the tools and conditions they require to feel healthy and productive. Recognising the importance of investing in well-being programmes and reducing the stigma surrounding emotional and mental issues is crucial to everyone's future and success.

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