2020-10-23 18:19:00
IT Risk Management

Inside-News-Webinar-IT-Risk-Management-1400 × 700pxOn October 22, ITSector promoted the online Webinar “IT Risk Management” with Pedro Almeida, Digital Portugal Senior Manager of ITSector, and Carlos Simões, IT Manager of Millennium bcp as speakers.

Aimed at IT Managers, CIOs of banks, and companies in the financial sector, this webinar approached the best practices and resources to streamline risk management, presenting ways to optimize the process globally, identifying, evaluating, and triggering actions to eliminate potential risks.

It was a unique opportunity to share ideas and experiences, not only from the perspective of those who need solutions that strive to reduce the risks inherent in the digitization of their services but also those who have the capacity and quality to provide them.

During the event, there was also a demonstration of ITSector's “IT Risk Manager” solution with practical examples of its use and how it can be a strong ally in effective management of the technological infrastructures of financial institutions.

For those who did not have the opportunity to attend the Webinar, you can access it HERE and request a demo HERE.