2020-07-14 23:00:00

Phishing and Strong Customer Authentication

Inside-News-Webinar-Phishing-and-Stron-Customer-Authentication-1400 × 700pxOn July 14, ITSector promoted the Webinar "Phishing and Strong Customer Authentication" with João Pena Gil, Chief Technology Officer of SecuritySide, as a speaker.

This online event aimed at IT managers, bank CIOs, and financial companies, and presented the growth of phishing, cyber attacks, the use of strong authentication, and the impact of the global pandemic on cybersecurity.

According to João Pena Gil, "The increase in the use of smartphones and the cloud, the possibility of working anywhere, anytime and from different devices, forces companies to provide new accesses with safety".

Also addressed was the solution developed by SecuritySide - TrustFactor, which inheres on making access and transactions in web applications more secure against various attacks, through transactional authentication technology.


If you were unable to attend, watch the recorded event HERE and book a demo HERE.