UX/UI Design

2020-02-28 00:00:00
ITSector’s partnership with Ironhack Lisbon

Inside-News-UXUI-Design-Iron-Hack-1400 × 700pxITSector's UX/UI Team was invited to the Ironhack Lisbon hiring fair. Several organizations from the IT and Design areas gathered to share experiences about Web-Development, UX/UI Design and Data Analytics.

This invitation follows the partnership that was established between ITSector and Ironhack Lisbon with bilateral and constant sharing of knowledge, methodologies, and opportunities. Participating in events and organizing workshops also allow us to maintain contact with the future generation of UX/UI Design. Workshops are an excellent way for students to interact and evolve, practising and preparing themselves for today's work reality.

Our UX/UI Department is growing fast and is essential to optimize all ITSector’ solutions, focusing on the customers’ needs and business goals.

We appreciate the invitation to this rewarding experience and wish all the students and graduates the best of luck.