Training in IT companies


Opinion: "The IT world goes hand in hand with training"

Opinion-Article---Joana-Pereira-News-(2024)_Inside-News_1400x700pxThe world is constantly evolving. Particularly, in the field of Information Technology (IT) where transformation is taking place at an unprecedented pace, and innovation is an ongoing requirement. Now more than ever, companies in this industry must keep up with the constant changes and learn to reinvent themselves every day.

New tools, techniques and revolutionary approaches are emerging daily, transforming the labour market. This rapid technological evolution emphasises the importance of constantly monitoring these advances and the intrinsic relationship between IT and training.

Firstly, IT plays a significant role in labour market competitiveness. Continuous training not only keeps professionals and businesses current, but it also increases their competitiveness in a market that is constantly changing. Failing to invest in education that helps your employees keep up with technological advances will only result in their professional stagnation and an uncertain future for companies.

In addition to this, innovation and creativity are also key elements that set businesses apart. By promoting these capacities through ongoing training, employees can access cutting-edge approaches and technology that optimise their jobs and provide access to more creative solutions.

Even so, including skills such as communication, leadership, and teamwork is essential to keeping up with technological developments. In this sense, companies looking to position themselves at the forefront of their sector, particularly in IT, should invest in training that goes beyond the more technical aspects and help stimulate employee's soft skills.

Technological underdevelopment in companies is a risk that quickly spells their demise. It may seem tempting to underestimate the value of continuous training, but how else can you be at the forefront if you stick with the approaches of a bygone era?

Outdated labour is vulnerable labour, with increased difficulties and lower productivity. Time dedicated to training is never wasted. It is, in fact, an investment in the future and an essential path to business success.


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