The first edition of the Software Testers Academy is here!


This academy is targeted at candidates who want to start their career as Testers.



The first edition of the Software Testers Academy was launched at the beginning of the year, a programme for candidates who are looking to start their career in the testers’ area.

The focus of this academy is to provide opportunities for professional retraining situations, particularly in basic training areas with low employability, and thus contributing to job creation.


Software Testers Academy

Along with training in this area, in particular software testing, this is an opportunity to invest directly in people. We believe in their potential for growth in the area, giving them the ability to experience/try out new skills and the chance to build a career in an area they may have never even thought of before.

The profiles that integrate this academy are diverse, we value above all soft skills, the capacity for logical reasoning, attention to detail, critical spirit and motivation for re-skilling. There is no restriction regarding the background education of the candidates, because one of the main goals of this programme is to provide the opportunity for professional retraining, and we currently have in the company specific examples of Testers and Analysts with very different backgrounds.


The second edition is coming soon

Given the success of this first edition and the integration of all the candidates, the second edition of this academy has already been confirmed and is scheduled to start until/by the end of March. If we continue with these good results, we won’t stop here.


We feel a sense of responsibility to create professional opportunities in areas with lower employability rates. We are proud to invest and certain that we will integrate capable and motivated people in our company.

If you want to be part of our family, check our vacancies and apply here.