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Opinion Article “The importance of involving education and IT companies for digital literacy”

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Fact: the world has evolved in a digital sense with no return. As such, digital literacy prepares us for this reality the sooner, the better. 

Whether we like it or not, it is indisputable how much technology is part of our lives. From robots that automate tasks to artificial intelligence that makes us more comfortable, all areas of economic and social activity are plunging into technological evolution. Even the most conservative areas, such as banking, are being digitally transformed through home banking or other features that save us time and travel and allow us greater control digitally “at our fingertips”.

Digital tools are a reality and are changing the way we live, and even how our brain works. It is urgent to educate people about these instruments - and everything behind them - so that they comprise a real facilitator of the human experience. That is why digital literacy should be seen as a necessity.

Information Technology companies are directly involved with this reality and have made significant progress on this path. Open Days, webinars, and other types of training from tech businesses have been increasingly frequent, thus seeking to instill curiosity about this world, engage and find talent. These companies have also increasingly taken on the responsibility of being in close contact with the Portuguese education system, whether at high schools or universities. Only with their contribution will educational institutions be able to adjust their pedagogical programs to instruct young people whose curriculum will meet the needs felt by the business market. The technological world has evolved at a frenetic pace, and the prominent academies have been finding it difficult to keep up with this rhythm.

The greater the digital literacy of our population, the more aware and prepared for the future we will be. And Portugal has an opportunity to project itself to the forefront of a new technology-led economy. The country has been a preferred destination for digital nomads and technology multinationals to set up. The “tech” community here is quite strong and continues to grow. The construction of new technology centers is a mirror of this reality. The triad “customer-supplier - company” has been strengthened worldwide from a Portuguese contribution, which is something we have to admire. We are present in the banking system in the four corners of the world, reflecting our global position in IT.

Technological talent in Portugal is globally committed and has several specific characteristics that differentiate it across borders. Usually, Portuguese professionals in the IT area appreciate stability, as long as it does not compromise the perceived level of challenge. Responsibility, assiduity and punctuality, customer orientation, our ability to speak other languages, and our technical know-how are skills that are highly valued in the global context.

In short, it is indisputable that we have a great opportunity before us, so the quality of technical-professional and higher education in Computer Engineering (and similar) is crucial for the growth of the “tech” community in Portugal. The proximity to the academic world must be strengthened, as well as the continuous collaboration in the construction and revision of teaching programs. Only by pursuing the pace of technological evolution and doing it with responsibility, accuracy, and teaching excellency will we be able to position ourselves, constantly and with brilliance, at a world level.


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