Tech Talks 2023


Microservices, Flutter, ReactJS and Visual Intelligence were the big topics of this year's sessions

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At ITSector, sharing knowledge and experience is essential since it fosters the growth of a strong and broad network, a wide spectrum of perspectives, the promotion of innovation, and the professional and personal development of those involved. As a result, we made the decision to strengthen our Tech Talks in 2023 - a space for idea sharing and networking

Throughout the year, we gathered our team of specialists from the most distinctive areas to discuss their insights on their topics of expertise. In the four sessions we hosted, there were over ten speakers who shared their knowledge and experience on subjects such as the architecture of microservices, the versatility and agility of the Flutter framework, JavaScript's ReactJS library, and, lastly, the principles of visual intelligence in information technology.

“Knowledge is a flame that grows brighter when shared, that’s why we keep on promoting these events in-house, and fostering the individual growth of those involved.”, says Gabriela Santos, Human Resources Director at ITSector. "Tech Talks have naturally become a core part of ITSector, as it progressively yields more results. We believe that the generous sharing of expertise can truly inspire, empower, and transform lives."

Over 250 of our team members attended the sessions, ranging from developers to project managers and testers, as well as technicians from our transversal departments. The initiative will resume this year as our roster of experts grows, ready to host even more sessions.