TECH Talks


Agile method gave the kick-off to the first TECH Talks

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Last week we hosted the first session of TECH Talks. The initiative, dedicated to the promotion of ideas and networking, dwelled on the theme “Agile in the Real World" a hot topic considering the volatility, complexity, and uncertainty of the new economy. Nearly 50 people from various departments and job titles attended the first session, ranging from developers to project managers, as well as technicians for management control and quality processes.

Project manager and agile coach William Pedrosa moderated the talk. He got the chance to speak with other attendees such as Fábio Rocha (a SI architect), Vasco Inácio (a SI tester consultant), and João Laranjeira (SI Architect) about the topic. Each of the participants shared their experiences, giving as an example a useful and authentic case study. The discussion then turned to the key obstacles encountered, how to face the difficulties that emerged, and reflected on the lessons learned. Different management tools were used, such as Jira or Azure DevOps, as well as various approaches and frameworks, such as Scrum or Kanban.

This kind of project, in the words of William Pedrosa, "is vital to foster the interchange of knowledge and experiences that will allow us to grow with and from one another. Only by sharing our ideas, adventures, and passion can we continue to innovate and keep reaching the next level, not only as a company, but also personal and professionally”. The Project Manager/Agile Coach added “In the last few days we have been receiving feedback from the participants, and it couldn’t be more positive. There have been many notes of encouragement and enthusiasm for the upcoming sessions, as well as congratulations and compliments on the dialogue that was encouraged.”

TECH Talks is an initiative promoted by ITSector’s Training Team and aims to build a strong and extensive network, promote the expertise and innovation of many teams, and support the participants' professional and personal growth. The first edition took place online on September 29. The goal is to carry on the initiative in a near future.