Tech O'Clock

Webinars summary and overview

From June 18th to July 23rd, the Tech O'Clock Sessions gathered more than 500 attendees from 8 different countries to hear about IT themes from a panel of 6 in-house experts. 

Our Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, and Marketing teams prepared a cycle of 6 webinars, in the area of ​​application development, and the score of 4.7 out of 5 stars is the reflection of the event's success. 

Every Friday, experienced ITSector professionals shared their know-how and tips on their areas of expertise, namely:

  • How to automate API's tests with Postman;
  • Scrum in practice with DevOps;
  • Appium as an UI testing tool and in iOS Applications;
  • From user stories to test cases;
  • React.JS: Solution architecture;
  • Push notifications, Deep links and Widgets.

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If you’ve missed the opportunity to attend these sessions, they are still available to all tech enthusiasts and anyone interested in leveraging their knowledge on these subjects.

All records are available here.