2021-01-13 00:00:00
Soft and hard skills workshops in colleges

Inside News Skills4it ITSector (2021) 1400 × 700pxThe “Skills4IT” initiative kicked off in November 2020, which, as the name implies, consists of equipping IT students with essential soft skills in their careers, as well as raising awareness of the different technologies and work methodologies practiced in the IT market.

“As part of the Skills4IT initiative, the Talent Acquisition team has had the opportunity to speak with students about the most valued soft skills in the IT market, a topic that is quite relevant in the current reality.”, mentions Sofia Videira, Talent Acquisition from ITSector.

Skills4IT, developed and applied by the Talent Acquisition Team, is divided into two phases: first, "Soft Skills Workshops" and second, "Hard Skills Workshops”. The first, and the one that is running since November, has the theme: “What are the most valued soft skills in the IT market, and how can students acquire them?”

Colleges such as ISTAIPCAUPT, and IPB have already seen their students in Computer Engineering, Management Informatics, and the Masters in Information Systems participating in Behavioral Workshops and their feedback is extremely positive. They report that they liked “the dynamics developed” a lot and that these workshops allowed them to have a clearer view of the soft skills that they should invest in when entering the job market. At the same time, they emphasize that the realization of the dynamics allows a better understanding of the applicability of these skills and that the tips transmitted are an asset to be able to develop them.

Sofia Videira, concludes that "We face some challenges, but we could not be more satisfied with the result! We believe that these events have been very interactive and contribute to a greater visibility of the company, allowing us to leave our footprint on those who are the future of the IT market. ”.

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