Safety and Health at Work

Fundamental part of an organization's work conditions.

Safety & Health at Work_News 2022_Inside News_1400x700pxCompliance with health, hygiene and safety rules is a fundamental part of an organization's work conditions. These regulations are designed to prevent risks and promote the employee's safety and health.

IITSector uses a specialized company to provide external services in this area, which include occupational medicine and the evaluation of hygiene and safety conditions.


The importance of good posture and some daily exercises

 Most people work several hours in the same position and with electronic equipment, and they must ensure some ergonomic exercises that allow the comfort and well-being of all, avoiding neck tension, vision problems and pain in the wrists, hands, shoulders and spine. In addition, good posture is required during working hours.

 We take this opportunity to share some recommendations. For those who work mostly with display screen equipment, the associated risks are:

  1. Neck tension;
  2. Vision problems;
  3. Wrist, hand, shoulder and back pain.

 Besides taking care of your posture, it is essential to do some exercises along the day. Watch the video below with practical examples of what you can do without leaving your desk.

 They will certainly make a difference to your well-being at work and to your health in general.