Remote Work

2020-05-05 23:00:00
Internal Activities

Inside-News-Remote-Work-1400 × 700pxThe physical proximity was interrupted overnight with the arrival of Covid-19. People came together through video calls, chats, and other new digital communication tools. To promote the relationships and well-being of ITSector's employees, we have carried out several initiatives that, even at a distance, can unite us more and more:


  • MoveIT - online channel, updated weekly, with several interesting contents to entertain and keep employees active and happy:
    • Fitness - Weekly live exercise classes with PT Joana Tomás and other exercise suggestions;
    • Culture & Experience - Suggestions to visit  digital museums and outdoor spaces, concerts and digital shows;
    • DIY - Recipe tips, gardening, and DIY;
    • Cool Kids - tips to keep the little ones entertained;
    • Mindfulness - advice to keep the mind sane, through meditation and other relaxing practices;
    • Online Classes - information about courses, webinars, and others to promote constant evolution of the mind;
    • Good Mood - films, videos, e-books, fun channels to entertain in the free time;
    • ITCommunity - space dedicated to the sharing of several internal initiatives such as challenges to teams and their families;
  • MindIT - a project promoted by our HR team that intends to explore the difficulties and restore balance, quality of life and well-being through psychological counseling sessions and weekly tips;
  • Slack - space for daily interaction between ITSector's community, through DM or open channels, with activities such as virtual cafes and weekly thematic challenges (Family Day, Children's Day, Popular Saints, etc.);
  • Workshops - weekly activities in a live format that seek to teach and entertaining teams. Some activities promoted: positive parenting, emotional intelligence strategies, home cocktails, home gardens, yoga classes, Zumba, fit boxing, among others;
  • Digital Events - to check important dates, such as the anniversary of ITSector, we have provided some online events with music and other live shows.


This isolation will forever change the way we see the world, work, relate to people, live. In the last few months, we have reinvented our work from home - and gradually we will make a safe return to the offices. We managed to maintain the precision of our work, reaching farther and farther and more people. That is the reflection of our team's hard work and motivation, which every day fulfills our purpose of Digital Transformation.

Thanks to the whole ITSector's Family!