"Refer a Tech Friend"

Employees rewarded for recommending candidates

Our Talent and Acquisition Team has a hiring program called "Refer a Tech Friend" that rewards employees that advocate a friend, family member or acquaintance, with the necessary skills to join our teams. 

This is an internal strategy that aims to promote networking with our teams and is also a great way to help fill  +50 open positions.

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"The search for a position with a higher level of challenge, continuous growth, commitment, and stability are the factors that have contributed the most to recruitment through this initiative”, says Stéphanie Dermagne, Talent Acquisition Manager at ITSector.

This initiative promotes the attraction and retention of talent through our employees, and brand ambassadors, allowing them to earn monetary compensation for recommending a candidate to join the company. 

ITSector's employees who wish to suggest an acquaintance can do so and, if the person referred is hired and fulfills some criteria, they’re awarded. The reward varies according to seniority, experience level, and category for which the person is hired.

Check here our open positions.

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