Pro-Natal Policies

Opinion Article "The importance of promoting and supporting birth in the job market" by Teresa Oliveira, Head of Human Resources

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In the Portuguese job market, we still see some prejudice concerning motherhood. Since respect and appreciation of this family role should be fundamental and unquestionable principles, I want to believe that this prejudice is disappearing.

Realizing that companies are made up of people at different stages of their lives, is a fundamental step towards changing mindsets. The principles at the base of people management must respect these phases and - more than that - support them in the best way. Motherhood is certainly one of the most important to consider.

Policies such as the possibility of paid absence days to care for children and the attribution of monetary gifts for their birth, is extremely relevant for the work-life balance at this crucial stage of life. In fact, by providing equal career opportunities, they can even contribute to stability and social justice, also functioning as an example to the community and the market, positively influencing other companies.

Nowadays, the topic of talent retention is much discussed. The truth is that the contribution of policies to encourage motherhood cannot be undervalued. Respecting motherhood promotes an organizational culture of satisfaction, tranquility, and stability. In a company where the balance between work and personal life is taken into account - with employees having the opportunity to bet on their career and, at the same time, achieve the goals associated with motherhood -, there is clearly and directly a positive impact on talent retention. These are two inseparable and mutually complementary aspects, so supporting employees in this balance should be a way of being transversal to companies.

I have no doubt that these measures and these principles are a fundamental condition for building solid reciprocal relationships within organizations, based on mutual respect and trust. And the result is visible: happy employees, who feel respected and supported professionally and personally, tend to contribute positively to success, reaching high levels of motivation and commitment.

Ultimately, and given the birth rate figures ​​in our country, this should be an issue that deserves everyone's attention - with companies taking an active role. In an ideal world, if all institutions practiced this type of measures - and in articulation with the public sector -, we would certainly have a more promising scenario as far as birth rate is considered.


Other Pro-Natal Perks

Through this childbirth support partnership, ITSector has already offered more than 100 prepaid card from the Chicco brand that can be used for multiple purchases. The measure intends to actively contribute to this new phase of the employee's life.


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