Prime Minister Visit

2020-02-05 19:08:00
Bragança Software Development Center receives PM

Inside-News-Prime-Minister-Visit-(2021)-1400 × 700pxOn February 3, ITSector was honoured with the visit of the Prime Minister, António Costa and his entourage at our Software Development Centre in Bragança, further to a meeting where the improvement of countryside and territorial cohesion was at debate.

During a guided tour in our office, we had the chance to present our action plans both at domestic and international basis, our export capabilities to more than 209 countries and the challenges we face in attracting new talent.

The meeting took place at the Brigantia Ecopark, where the Prime Minister, António Costa, accompanied by the Cohesion Minister, Ana Abrunhosa, and the Labour, Solidarity and Social Security Minister, presented the “+CO3SO” Program and the so called “Trabalhar no Interior” Program.

These programs are dedicated to companies that have shown specific concerns and their goals are the social and economic development of the territories, through the promotion of qualified employment and innovation, with specific geographical mobility of workers to Portugal’s interior territories.

ITSector is committed to investing in projects and highly qualified professionals in different regions of the country, away from the big urban centres and making a net contribution to improve work-life balance by bringing back professionals to their homelands.

For more info: RTPSIC and TVI24.

[Photo credits: Paulo Vaz Henriques]