Next Level Training

Employees professional development

News Next Level Training_Inside News_1400x700pxNon-Stop Training is a premise we make sure is kept alive all year. 

During 2021, we have organized several technical and behavioral training sessions, providing our employees with the necessary tools and know-how for their professional development and growth. 

UX workshop for non-designers.

A series of workshops about UX, conducted by our designer, Mariana Simões, and addressed to employees interested in improving their knowledge in this area.

Tech O’Clock | For 6 weeks, we elevated ITSector’s culture!

In our first tech event, we organized 6 webinars around some of our areas of expertise, in which we had the support and presentation of the following colleagues: Paulo Noormahomed; André Gurjão; Thiago Garcia; Elisabete Pires; Fábio Maia, and Pedro Bacelar.

Constructive Feedback training.

Training sessions about the duality of perspective by those who receive feedback and by those who give feedback, hosted by Patrícia Ferreira from the Human Resources team.

Risk Management training.

For this training, we had the support of our colleague Diana Magalhães that provided a moment of sharing about the requirements that ISO 27001 imposes on daily project and risk management.

Conflict Management Workshop.

The speaker Paulo Moreira focused on providing our employees with people management functions, the best techniques, and tools to deal with possible day-to-day conflicts.

Emotional Intelligence Workshop.

Also with Paulo Moreira's know-how, we explored Emotional Intelligence and how it is crucial for the psychological well-being and professional success of each employee.

Emotions Management workshop for kids.

The youngest members of the ITSector family are gaining prominence in the various actions we have been carrying out. 

During Children's Day, we organized a workshop for the youngest and their parents to learn a little more about emotions, how to identify them, and strategies for daily life.

Academy contents update.

To keep up with the constant evolution of the technologies that our projects require, we updated and reformulated the contents of the iOS, Android, and .Net academies.

What is the next level?

The year is not over yet, and there are many other training actions planned to keep increasing the knowledge and growth of our employees.

Join the family and have this and many other opportunities to grow.

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