Kick-Off ’24


Back to the 00’s as the theme of the party

This year, we flipped back the calendar and traveled to the 2000s for ITSector’s biggest annual gathering: the Kick-Off. From iconic tunes to classic movies and everything in between that defined the beginning of the millennium, the whole team, both nationally and internationally, reunited in Alfândega do Porto for a unique party.

This year's edition of the event, aimed at promoting the company’s accomplishments and fostering the sense of belonging and companionship that characterize ITSector, honoring two employees who have been with the firm since its foundation. Maria dos Anjos and Armando Ferreira are examples of dedication and friendship that the company aims to cultivate. Following this tribute, the event featured the show 'Revenge of the 00s,' which swept everyone off their feet and made Kick-Off ’24 an unforgettable night.

Next year it will be back to celebrate ITSector’s 20th anniversary.