ITSector joint project wins innovation award in Canada


“Money Chat”, developed with Coast Capital Savings, was awarded with “National Credit Union Award”.

Innovation Award_1400x700It is called “Money Chat” and is the latest project to be awarded with the “Innovation Award” from the CCUA National Conference (Canadian Credit Union Association). Developed by Coast Capital Savings, one of the top three Credit Unions in Canada in volume of assets, the role of ITSector in this project stands out, which means sharing the merit of the award at this international conference.


ITSector contributed with consulting, technical analysis and system implementation in full-remote mode for this transversal tool to the entire bank, which can be used in self-service mode by the customer or with the support of a manager. Additionally, it was a partner for the development of the application front-end layer and cooperated in the execution of the middleware layer in MuleSoft.


“Money Chat” allows to calculate a credit score and show investment recommendations. The aggregated data enables a detailed understanding of the users’ financial well-being gaps, and the results are stored in the bank's systems and leveraged for CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Benefits for users include identifying areas for improvement, with associated recommendations, helping to improve financial well-being.


With more than 80 years of history, the “National Credit Union Awards” have served as a leading platform for the Credit Unions sector in Canada, praising innovation, leadership, community involvement and creativity.