ITSector enhances Canadian Credit Unions Market

Lakeland Credit Union adopts Celero Xpress™

Celero_Inside News_1400x700pxITSector is thrilled to be part of the successful launch of Lakeland Credit Union's (LCU) new online banking and website transformation, a Celero Xpress™ implementation, working in collaboration with ebankIT, a global digital banking software.

With this launch, LCU is at the forefront of enhancing members’  online banking experience with  Celero Xpress™, including a more modern and user-friendly website, a versatile online banking system, and customizable Android/iPhone apps.

"As we move forward in building Lakeland Credit Union’s new banking experience, designing a Credit Union for the 2020s and beyond, there are many new things still to come," says John Peters, LCU’s Chief Executive Officer. "We’re always looking to innovate and improve our technology and services, to bring you the best and most secure member experience possible."

ITSector is actively helping the transformation of the Canadian financial industry. LCU is just one of many other Credit Unions that are embracing this solution that will forever transform the proximity and quality of their customer experience through the internet and mobile banking.

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