ITSector develops MyFinanfarma

2020-09-08 23:00:00
Financial solution for the pharmaceutical sector

Inside-News-Finanfarma-1400 × 700pxITSector and Finanfarma get together to revolutionize financial solutions in the pharmaceutical sector by launching the MyFinanfarma platform. 

This solution simplifies the management of financial products in the pharmaceutical sector, giving access to daily operations, such as paying invoices to suppliers, requesting transfers or consulting statements, and other documents. It also performs and authorizes vital pending activities, all with maximum security and with advanced authentication methods through ANF Online Portal (Associação Nacional de Farmácias).

With the integration of all these digital financial functionalities, MyFinanfarma guarantees to the Pharmacies, not only to benefit from an enhanced experience in their financial management but also the valorization for the final user, with better services and products.

Finanfarma, a "Financial Health Specialist" Fintech that works with more than 90% of the Portuguese pharmacies, potentiates and speeds up the creation of value in the Health and Well-being area, contributing with it profitable and sustained growth.

This project consolidates the know-how of more than 15 years of ITSector in the development of financial software, with the health sector and the urgency of innovation and digital transformation in its financial management.

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