GMC 2020 Winners

First Place and “Apoiante do Ano 2020” Award

Inside News GMC ITSector (2021) 1400× 700pxITSector achieved the best results in the Global Management Challenge, with 2 teams on the podium and the “Apoiante do Ano 2020” Award.

ITSector/Abaa team won the 41st Edition of the Global Management Challenge and will represent Portugal in the international final, in mid-June, along with the best teams from more than 30 countries in the competition. Additionally, it was also distinguished with the “Apoiante do Ano 2020” Award.


The 2020 edition of the Global Management Challenge, entirely online for the first time, ended on March 15, the day of the final. In a range of more than 300 teams competing, ITSector supported 10, of which 5 were qualified for the semifinals and two reached the final, winning 1st and 3rd place.


In the national final, the teams had only one day to make five management decisions, that correspond to a quarter of the company's activity, containing the areas of finance, HR, production, and marketing. 

The team with the best investment performance - ITSector / Abaa - formed by a mechanical engineering student and two of management, from the University of Porto and Nova University Lisbon, won. 

Alexandre Amaro, team leader mentioned that “we worked towards this goal, prepared all possible and imaginary scenarios since in the national finals the time for decisions is shorter and if something unpredictable appears is complicated to adjust”.


In third place was the ITSector/Lederulite team, made up of 5 mechanical engineering students from UP. Cai Yiwei, leader of this team explained that “the group's remote management is complicated when it comes to communication, it is not so interactive”. As for what they lived in the months in which they competed in this edition, he highlighted “teamwork that is different from the one in college, since here we have to row everyone in the same direction”. Despite the difficulties, they managed to reach a place on the podium.


The teams point to the ability to work under pressure and as a team, manage time better, or evaluate decisions, as the main lessons of this competition.


Congratulations to all the teams involved, especially to the ITSector/Abaa and ITSector/Lederulite teams, for the excellent results in the final.


About the Global Management Challenge competition:

It is the largest strategy and management competition in the world, organized by Jornal Expresso and SDG present in over 30 countries and with more than 750 thousand participants. Thousands of company executives and university students run a company in a competitive market to obtain the best results for their company.


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