Global Management Challenge

5 teams qualified for the semi-finals

Inside News News site GMC (2021) 1400 × 700pxThe new phase of the Global Management Challenge 2020 will take place on December 15th.

Organized by SDG and Jornal Expresso, the Global Management Challenge 2020 ended its first round with 5 ITSector teams qualified, in a batch of 55 teams in total.

This second edition of the first round qualified 23 teams, to which they joined the 32 already determined in June and July of this year.

The next lap takes place over five weeks, where the teams will have to get the best results for their company, based on decisions from different areas. At the end of this stage, only 8 will be chosen, towards the national final, in mid-February.

Congratulations to all ITSector teams for their commitment, dedication and results in this competition!



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