Flu vaccine offer

2020-11-19 00:00:00
Protection and health of employees

Inside-News-Vaccine-1400 × 700pxITSector is offering the flu vaccine to its employees, in an initiative that runs between October and November and aims to protect, secure, and promote health.

The purpose is to reinforce the company's sense of social responsibility, with an impact on preventing the transmission of the flu virus and the consequent excessive influx to hospitals.

“At ITSector, in addition to ensuring total and constant alignment with the guidelines and rules of the DGS and the Government, we decided to move forward with other initiatives, such as offering the seasonal flu vaccine”, points out Teresa Oliveira, Human Resources Director at ITSector. 

It should be emphasized that the distribution of vaccines to employees will take place based on the prioritization of the population at risk.

Severe times demand greater proximity, cohesion, and focus on people, and ITSector, in parallel with this initiative, has been implementing other measures, such as the MindIT program. It is designed to provide monitoring oriented to the welfare of employees, as well as workshops and online physical activity classes to promote moments of leisure and socialization among colleagues.

"The protection, safety and health promotion of our employees are, more than ever, at the top of our priorities", says the official.



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