doITwell: 1st semester recap


During the first six months of the year, the wellness programme counted over 20 initiatives


We are about to enter the summer holiday period, but not without first reviewing the activities promoted under the doITwell initiative. In the first six months of the year, ITSector's well-being program hosted over 20 activities dedicated exclusively to promoting the well-being of our #TheNextLevel team. Each initiative was developed based on one of the five core pillars of doITwell: physical, social, professional, emotional, and financial.


Financial: Financial literacy is the watchword

2024 kicked off with a partnership with Doutor Finanças, offering exclusive benefits to our employees, from personalized financial advice to counseling on acquiring a bank loan or transferring existing credit. This partnership also included a workshop titled “Investing Successfully – First Steps,” aimed at unveiling the mysteries behind investments and teaching the most appropriate approaches.


Emotional: Our team matters

Emotional Intelligence is a crucial skill. In February, with the help of psychologist Paulo Moreira, we explored this in the webinar “Emotional Intelligence: A True Superpower.” Following this insightful session, we revived one of our team's favorite events: the Happy Hours! This Spring edition was inspired by the arrival of sunny days, colorful flowers, and warmer weather.


Social: Creating a ripple effect of kindness

Giving back to our communities is one of our main goals. This year, we developed partnerships with several organizations. We hosted computing workshops for the children of the "O Meu Lugar no Mundo" association, organized a blood donation drive that helped save up to 280 lives, and ran a social solidarity campaign with ATACA. We also focused on promoting values like gender equity, sustainability, and work-life balance within our team. For International Women's Day, we hosted the webinar "The Impact of Women on the Daily Lives of Tech Teams," featuring Fátima Caçador, a journalist at Sapo Tek, and five of our tech leaders. In May, we celebrated Father’s and Mother’s Day with a workshop on Positive Parenting led by psychologist Eduardo Sá. Lastly, we explored how to make our homes more sustainable with a Zero Waste workshop.


Professional: The pursuit of professional goals leads to personal growth

At ITSector, we have a structured Performance Assessment Process aimed at professional and career guidance, career progression, and acknowledging performance and work done. Effective feedback is a crucial skill, so we organized the workshop “The Art of Effective Feedback” with mindpartner and psychologist Beatriz Caló. This workshop helped us understand the value of feedback, how to give it effectively, and how to make our team more agile in problem-solving.


Physical: Active and alive

During the first semester of the year, we organized ITSector’s second Padel Tournament. This time, the action unfolded in Aveiro as we received 14 teams from all over the country! After over 20 fervent matches, we crowned Emanuel Pacheco and Paulo Rocha as the champions.


doITwell is an initiative that aims to reflect on the different factors that influence our wellness. Through this programme, we're diving into various topics that cover everything about staying healthy, feeling great, and being happy! The first semester summed up 20 initiatives, but the year isn’t over yet. There are many more activities to come. Stay tuned!