Initiative with the goal of nurturing well-being

doITwell is a programme aimed at our employees to promote reflection on what affects, positively or negatively, each person's physical, mental and social well-being.

In this initiative, employees will have the chance to take part in different sessions dedicated to topics such as financial literacy, nutrition, work stress or sleep. To help clarify and better understand these issues, experts from a wide range of fields will join us in different sessions.

"The well-being of our colleagues is extremely important to us. We believe that these activities are essential to keeping people happy, thus also creating a healthy and balanced environment where employees can feel valued.", comments Gabriela Santos, Human Resources Director at ITSector. She added: "This initiative reinforces our commitment to promoting everyone's health and well-being. It is one of our main pillars and one of the company's focuses that guides our way of being and acting."



October programme

The month of October kicked off with a session dedicated to home loans, in which Doutor Finanças "uncomplicated" this subject, explaining what it is, the measures in force and the steps to take when buying a home.

On the second week, and with World Food Day as its motto, we prepared a healthy lunch for our employees in our six Development Centres, thus promoting not only a social moment among the team but also a little reflection on the impact that food choices have on our physical and mental health.

To conclude the month, there will be room for an awareness-raising talk with psychologist Raul Manarte about work-related stress and burnout, one of the major concerns in recent years for both workers and companies alike. 


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