2020-06-01 23:00:00
Safe return

Inside-News-Back2Office-1400 × 700pxOn June 1, ITSector welcomed its employees on their return to the several development centers, after three months of working remotely. All offices properly adapted according to the Health Authority measures, and a Back2Office Plan* was shared, aiming to support and guide the teams and guarantee a gradual and safe return.

This plan includes information on the rules and recommendations that employees must follow on their daily routine. It also discloses all the adaptations and measures taken in the six different offices.

The last few months demanded a quick adaptation and support capacity to the entire teleworking model. Congratulations to our teams for overcoming the challenge with distinction, ensuring the continuity and success of the various projects under development. With eyes on the future, and considering that remote work helps to provide a better balance between the personal and professional lives of employees, the organization is studying a new model that can be applied to our reality.


* The Back2Office Plan will remain active as long as it is required and will be adapted whenever necessary, always focusing on the safety of the ITSector's community. For more info watch the video.